Wedding Ceremony Information

Wedding Ceremony Information

Wedding Ceremony Information/

How do we get your wedding ceremony right?

We form a creative partnership to give you the best possible service.

We need to work together to achieve a dynamic wedding ceremony that fully honours all your relationship means. I give you a wealth of resources to take away and consider then ask that you spend some time and energy talking together about what you want your ceremony to reflect about yourselves and the love we are celebrating.

I work with your ideas and input and liaise with you to ensure you are totally comfortable with the wording and overall dynamics of your ceremony. I ask you to tell me what is special about your relationship and what you value about the one you love, so I can create your unique and personalised ceremony.

On our second meeting we fine tune all the wording, who will be involved, who will stand where, the order of the proceedings, specific announcements, the music and all the components of the ceremony.

If a rehearsal is required after our second meeting, that can be arranged. Working in this partnership of me providing ideas and options and you thinking about what you would like said is the most satisfying way of planning and conducting the ceremony, I find.

On the day I am sure you will be stress-free and relaxed, knowing the ceremony is in good hands and there will be no unwelcome surprises, and your guests will feel welcome and included.

I will have the delight and satisfaction of knowing that the ceremony has been managed well and that it truly expresses what your love and commitment means to you. Our partnership will achieve a ceremony that is a real highlight and one you will remember with great pride and pleasure.