Civil Unions & Gay Marriages

A unique, memorable and inspiring Civil Union or Gay Marriage ceremony that celebrates your love and commitment.

Civil Unions & Gay Marriages/

Your ceremony is the core of your civil union or gay marriage celebration.

  • Your civil union or wedding day is one of the most significant events in your life and your ceremony sets the tone for the rest of the day’s celebrations.

  • The ceremony we create together will be a personalised and meaningful expression of your love and commitment and I welcome your input and ideas.

  • It is important to me that you feel relaxed and fully ‘present’ because you know I will conduct the ceremony and the dynamics of the occasion so that all flows smoothly.

  • The emotions of the occasion can be expressed and there will be a warm and bright delivery and your guests will feel welcome and included.


We bring together the magical strands of your love and commitment and create a ceremony to celebrate all your love and life together means to you.


The legalities are covered under the Weddings section. Visit the Department of Internal Affairs for official information.

My charges and options for ceremonies are covered under the Weddings section.

Let us create magnificent memories of the celebration of your love and commitment.