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Your wedding ceremony is the centerpiece of your wedding day and sets the tone for the celebrations that follow.

As your wedding celebrant, I help you with wedding ideas, options for your wedding vows and guidance so your wedding service is all you dreamed of, and more.

  • The wedding ceremony we create together will be a personalised and meaningful expression of your love and commitment. I welcome your ideas and input in creating your wedding ceremony, which will reflect you and your love
  • It is important to me that you feel relaxed and fully ‘present’ because you know I will conduct the wedding ceremony and the dynamics of the occasion so that all flows smoothly
  • The emotions of the occasion can be expressed and there will be a warm and bright delivery and your guests will feel welcome and included

A video clip from a recent wedding ceremony:


 My Wedding Ceremony options and charges:

Wedding Ceremony/

I have three options for my wedding ceremony services: Essential Ceremonies, Exclusive and Elite.


  • Sometimes it is not possible for us to meet before the wedding.  In that case we can discuss your ceremony by phone, email or Skype and I will choose meaningful and romantic wording for you. I will marry you at your place, or mine, or a local venue.
  • The charge of $300 includes my travel in the greater Auckland area, and a copy of your ceremony wording for you to keep.
  • Some people prefer to meet me once at my home to discuss their plans and what they would like their ceremony to contain.  They then choose a ceremony, including their own vows, from my resources. The charge of $400 includes my travel in the greater Auckland area, and a copy of the ceremony wording.

EXCLUSIVE – My Core Wedding Ceremony

  • At our first meeting, we discuss your plans and what would make an ideal wedding ceremony for you. We discuss the options I can offer you and when you have decided you would like me to marry you, I give you a wealth of resources to take away and consider.  You discuss at your leisure what you want your ceremony to reflect about yourselves and the love we are celebrating
  • I ask you to tell me what is special about your relationship and what you value about the one we love.  Then I can create your unique and personalised ceremony
  • I work with your ideas and input and liaise with you to ensure you are perfectly comfortable with the wording and overall dynamics of your ceremony
  • At our second meeting we fine-tune the wording and dynamics of the ceremony.  These include who will be speaking, where we will stand and the order of proceedings
  • Specific announcements, the music and all components of the ceremony are considered
  • On your wedding day I give you a copy of your ceremony, printed on quality paper, in a presentation folder
  • The charge is $500 for a ceremony in the greater Auckland area, and a little extra for ceremonies further afield


  • This service includes all that the Exclusive service offers plus a rehearsal on-site in the days prior to the ceremony and all travel costs.
  • It reflects all the richness of your love and journey together
  • Advice is available for those participating in the ceremony, including readers and the MC.  Resources offering ideas for these roles are offered
  • The charge for this service is $650



A Marriage Licence needs to be obtained from Births Deaths and Marriages in New Zealand.  This can be done online at   or by phoning from NZ to 0800 22 52 52 or from overseas on +64 4 463 9362. The cost of the Marriage Licence is currently $150.

On the application form (BDM 60) it is necessary to name your celebrant and two options for the venue for your wedding.  (One venue is enough if the ceremony is to be held indoors).

The Marriage Licence takes around a week to be issued, and once it is issued it is valid for three months.  You will be sent your Marriage Licence and two copies of the Copy of Particulars of Marriage, and these need to be sent or handed to the celebrant prior to the ceremony.

On your wedding day your celebrant will give you a Copy of Particulars of Marriage, and she will send the other copy to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

It is advisable to contact the Registrar a couple of weeks after your marriage to apply for a Marriage Certificate which is the official document containing registered information about your marriage.  This is recognised by official bodies, including those overseas.

  Wedding Ceremony/ Wedding Ceremony/

Some marriage vows recently used by some couples for you to consider:

… I take you today to be my legal wife/husband and I vow to love and care for you always.  I will nurture our friendship, trust and love, respecting you and accepting your views.  I promise to listen to you and be faithful and honest.

…… I take you today to be my legal wife/husband and as I hold your hand today I vow to be your friend, a companion to love and your marriage partner to the end.

… I have found in you everything I ever desired, a best friend and true love.  I promise to support you in all your endeavours and to protect you in your times of need.  I value our love and friendship above all else and will nurture this today as I take you to be my legal wife/husband and for the rest of our lives.