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Posted on 1, October 2013

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Wedding vows on the way to the airport

Pamela and Lindsay had been looking forward to getting married then heading off to Sydney for their honeymoon.  They asked a friend to come and be a witness at the Registry office, but Fay had other ideas.  Before they knew it she had invited them to be married at her home, and suggested they ask some friends to share their wedding day.  They decided that having a few friends would add to the occasion, and they began to draw up a list.  Work colleagues, special friends, interested folk, someone to take photos and a video, someone to sing, a musician to join Lindsay in singing to Pamela. By now this simple occasion had generated an energy of its own.

Meanwhile their hostess, who does nothing in half measures, began to plan their celebration food.  Singlehandedly, in between the demands of her busy job and family life, Fay created  a wealth of delicious foods, which were a treat to the eye as well as to taste.

Lindsay and Pamela worked on choosing wording for their ceremony that would delight each other and be a blessing for all their guests.  Each had a poem to read to the other and they invited two friends to contribute a poem each.  Lindsay and a guest sang to Pamela at the end of the ceremony, then it was time for a toast and the ceremony was rounded off by many of the guests speaking of their connection to the couple and giving them their good wishes for a long and rich life together.

All of this was achieved in a spirit of goodwill and delight, with the couple having the pleasure of celebrating their love and marriage vows with those closest to them, but without fitting in with anyone-else’s agenda for their day.  It was truly a magical occasion.