Small can be extra special 0

Posted on 26, July 2013

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Small can be extra special/blog Increasingly I am being asked to perform ceremonies for small groups, sometimes as small as just the couple marrying and two witnesses. These ceremonies can be really delightful.

The next one of these is for a couple who had chosen to marry in the registry office but then decided they would like to have the ceremony in their own home, which feels more personal.  In their case we have talked on the phone about what they would like and we will meet when they drop off their marriage licence to me, then I will go and marry them on the day. It can be as simple as that.

Many other couples are choosing to marry with a select few people alongside them, and these can be particularly meaningful, Just having your core people with you as you celebrate can concentrate the love and goodwill of those who attend, knowing they are amongst the chosen few. The couple can have as much or as little say about their ceremony, especially their vows, as they want.

Dare to do it your way? – you will be so pleased you did.