Celebrate Now

Celebrate Now: Honouring Your Lifetime of Connections & Special Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate Now/

It’s special to gather your friends and family and celebrate now, your connections with them over your lifetime.  You and they will find it affirming and uplifting.  The celebration can be as little or as much as you feel comfortable with, and you can choose to do most of the planning and organising, or liaise with me and I can do as much as you would like.

We can discuss the idea by phone or email and see if the idea appeals to you.  If it does, we can begin the planning to celebrate.

Launching the Plan:  We make detailed plans for the celebration and think about who you would like to invite and the format of the occasion.  I have ideas to share with you to make it meaningful.  You send out the invitations and arrange the venue and catering, and organise someone to be the MC on the day of the party.  I can liaise with that person about making it special. 

Making it Happen:  We liaise as needed about your plans.  You send out the invitations and arrange the venue and catering.  On the day of the party I will come for up to 2 hours to facilitate the function and ensure you are free to enjoy your guests and the celebration.

The Optimum Package:  As above, we meet to make some detailed plans, draw up the lists of guests and I send out the invitations in accordance with your wishes.  I arrange the venue and catering.  We liaise further by phone or another appointment to fine tune the plans.

On the day of the party I will come for 2 hours and facilitate the function, allowing you to enjoy your guests and the celebration.

If you wish I will make a Presentation booklet of the occasion, containing photos of you and the guests, along with a summary of their input.  There is an extra charge for this.

Please don’t hesitate to call me if the idea of a celebration of your life appeals to you.  I would be delighted to meet with you and you are welcome to invite members of your family or special friends to be present when we do this.

Together we can make a wonderful celebration