Choosing the right marriage celebrant or funeral celebrant 0

Posted on 25, November 2013

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It can be a daunting task to know what to look for when there is so much choice for marriage celebrants and funeral celebrants. For a start, think about what style of ceremony you want to have and the qualities the celebrant would need to be able to give you just what you want. That would include a genuine interest in you and your event; the willingness to listen to your ideas and any apprehensions you have; displaying adaptability; offering meaningful resources; and above all, being relaxed and friendly.

If you have used and enjoyed a particular celebrant before, that is the ideal starting point.  If they are not available, ask them to recommend someone whose work they admire.  Most of us have colleagues whose work and manner we know, and they should be able to make a sound recommendation.

Friends and family members often know of someone, but that person’s style might not necessarily be what is right for you, so make contact with them by phone or email, and if you like the sound of what they offer, arrange a meeting to discuss your ceremony.  You will quickly know whether this is someone you are happy to entrust your marriage ceremony or funeral ceremony to.

Celebrants usually offer a no-obligation meeting to discuss your plans and talk about what they can offer you.  When you find someone you gel with and who offers the qualities mentioned above, you have struck gold! I wouldn’t recommend seeking out a given number of meetings with celebrants just for the sake of it, as it’s a time-consuming business and if you are sure the preparation of your ceremony is in good hands, that’s a big thing you can tick off your list.

Remember your ceremony sets the scene for all the celebration that follows!  Happy planning.Choosing the right marriage celebrant or funeral celebrant/blog