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Baby Naming: Celebrate your precious baby

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Congratulations on the birth of your precious child.  It is fitting that we celebrate his/her arrival and welcome her into her family and community with a baby naming ceremony.  This can be a relaxed and informal baby naming ceremony, so all are at ease.

A baby naming ceremony, or baby welcoming, is the ideal way for you as parents to express what it means to you to have this child.  Those attending acknowledge the transition that has occurred in your relationship as you become a family, or your family grows.

We celebrate the child’s safe arrival and all present share your joy in your role as parents.

The Planning

We meet at my home or yours to organise a day and time and discuss your ideas and wishes for the ceremony

I give you a comprehensive kit of wording ideas and resources to help you choose the wording that feels right for your family

We discuss matters such as your invitations,  who should be included in the ceremony and who needs special recognition.  We talk about ideas for making your baby naming ceremony unique and relevant for your family and friends.

When you have made your wording choices we meet for a second time to fine tune the ceremony and ensure we all know what will be happening.

I will give you a copy of the ceremony to keep for your records

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Q:   We already have a child.  How can we make that one feel special on the day?

A:   We include mention of that child and say how special it is for the baby to have an older sister/brother to love.

Q:   Some of our family are overseas.  How can we include them?

A:   Perhaps you can arrange a Skype connection or video link, or make a photographic record.  I will be giving you a copy of the ceremony for your records, which you can mail to them.

Q:   We have chosen Godparents for our baby.  How do we acknowledge them?

A:   We can ask them to do a reading.  We can speak of their significance in the life of the child, and they can join you as we name the child, if you wish.
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“We appreciate the relaxed and meaningful ceremony you created.  It made our celebration very special.” Jon & Kate
“It was a help to have your naming kit which gave us so many options and good ideas for making our ceremony special.  We really enjoyed the day.” Ian & Jan
“Thank you for making our naming ceremony the highlight of our celebration.  It said all that was necessary in a warm and encouraging way.” Steve & Kris
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